A Picture’s worth 1000 words, right?

, originally uploaded by Riceboy.

So, its been a while, no? I got the idea from a friend to start video blogging and then posting them up on Xanga, so I took a video the other day, only to realize I can’t find the cord to transfer it! The story of my life it would seem…

Either way, what inspired me to post today was a picture I saw on Flickr, by this guy I know who lives in Seoul, Korea. (Tron, find dude, he seems like a cool guy!) He goes by the name “Riceboy”. I’ve been keeping up with his photos for a few months now, and I must say every time at check out his stuff it moves me. Not necessarily the same way each time, but each one seems to have a story behind it. At first I thought, “Well he always has interesting people in his photos,” but then I see other people’s nature shots and its the same thing. In the least its something to work towards. If you have a minute, check out his stuff!

From here on out these are my photos…

The Large Toad hath return-ed after 6 months

Back after 6 months!

Coming back from a hike with a friend. Fun but I lost one of my lenses! Arg

Break in the Trees

Discovered a water pipe right next to the apt complex. Couldn’t pass it up…

Cool Down

From the brigde in Okawa(Big River) village. Even more country than where I live, which is saying something

A Bridge's point of view

The Sky, with clouds in it. Nuff said.


The “Ajisai” flower is famous for blooming only during the month of June in Japan. They range from purple, to light blue, to pink even. Really a beautiful flower and you will literally find them all over Japan around this month. The Kanji is really interesting too. It means “Purple, Positive Ion, Flower”, for all you Kanji nerds, 紫陽花(アジサイ)Also known as the Hydrangea in English.

Japanese Ajisai giving their final stand


About willisan

Born the year the Bears won the super bowl for the 1st and last time (as of yet) in Chicago, moved around a bit, lived in Central/Southern/Backwoods Japan for a while, now in Atlanta. My Interests: ・Photography ・Reading ・Sports ・Fitness ・Languages(Japanese) and many, many more!
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