Ugh.  It seems as of late if I do make it around to blogging it’s at a ridiculously late hour.  Oh well.  I’ll keep this one more to the point.  For those of you who are partial to my usual long-winded venting/soul searching, consider this a cliffnotes version.  Or Sparknotes.  Or whatever the kids are using these days.


I just like the way that looks.  Something about how the ‘1’ gets all up in the ‘0’s business.

I’ve been listening to the new Star Trek Soundtrack like non-stop lately.  If you haven’t heard it, what are you doing with your life?   Numbers 1  and 5 please if you need inspiration to go after your dreams, 3 if you’re in love or recently have been, 6 and 10 if you have an arch enemy you must vanquish, and 15 if you just completed an adventure and want to embark on a new one.

I turned 25 last fall.  My body is all of a sudden determined to make me realize that fact.  We’ll see who gives in first.

I’m proud to say that I’ve never had an issue dating outside my race.  You’ll be happy to know that after seeing Avatar 2.5 times that fact still remains true.

I like seeing people I know/have met in places I didn’t expect to see them.  And catching up with old friends.  It reminds me that God is sovereign and He actually does got the whole world in his hands.

In all seriousness, I feel very good about this year.  09′ wasn’t the best for my family and I, at least not on paper, but some good lessons were learned, and some foundations were strengthened.  Can’t complain about that.  I feel the seed of those tingly, electric feelings that come with the prospect of a new year.  Which is funny because right now, things don’t look so hot.  Reminds me of the story about the Pilot, the Plane, and the Hurricane.  But that’s for another entry.

I’ve had many an impactful conversation over the past few weeks.  Many an inspiring and motivational conversation.  I’ve been searching, and/or waiting, for that ‘thing’, that passion, that lifelong goal to present itself.  And it has.  I just can’t figure it out.  Like a prototype not fully unveiled or a carving in a dead language; it’s there before me but I can’t decipher it, not yet.  But I can feel it’s shape.  I wonder how big and how weighty and how long it is?  But I promised Cliffnotes.  😉

Oh, it’s been a while since I posted any photo’s.  After 2 months of saying, “I’ll post these when I edit them” I’ve decided just to put them up.  So save me some time by imagining how much more amazing they would be if edited!


About willisan

Born the year the Bears won the super bowl for the 1st and last time (as of yet) in Chicago, moved around a bit, lived in Central/Southern/Backwoods Japan for a while, now in Atlanta. My Interests: ・Photography ・Reading ・Sports ・Fitness ・Languages(Japanese) and many, many more!
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One Response to 2010.1

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Although I prefer your long-winded venting/soul searching posts, I found the cliff’s notes/sparknotes version entertaining and insightful. I like when numbers decide they will get all up in other numbers’ business (good to know you didn’t lose your sense of humor in the last decade).

    You made me very curious to hear the Star Trek soundtrack. If this was your goal, then I say “bravo and well done!” Success is yours 🙂

    Wow, 25?!?! How do you not already have one foot in the grave? 😉

    I can’t wait to read the pilot/plane/hurricane story… sounds promising

    Yay for impactful and inspiring/motivational conversations.

    I realize my comments are choppy and disconnected (syntactically speaking), but this is the Cliff’s notes version.

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