What do you dream about?

I won’t limit you to the dream box. Oh, you didn’t know there was a dream box? You can make out a box around anything really. Any idea, relationship, or circumstance will do. A dream box in this context would be ‘the stuff that goes on between closing you closing your eyes in bed and you opening them in the morning’.

But today let’s expand our four walls. This could be that thing that keeps you up at night, or the idea you just have to share with your friend, or maybe it’s the one you couldn’t possibly share. Dreams often reflect our cares, but sometimes when we consider them they are the catalyst that drives us onward.

If you’ve read this far; fantastic. It means you’ve expanded your definition of what a dream is and what it can do. Or that you already thought the same thing. Or that you just woke up from a crazy dream and this was the first thing that appeared, compliments of google. Whatever the reason, I’m elated that you’re still here.

Now remember that box I had you flatten? Let’s go back inside it and don’t forget your Inception goggles.

Are dreams art imitating life or life imitating art? They have the tendency to slip in (or out) of the small chink of armor that we put around put around our hearts and leave us feeling stirred, anxious, sad, or emboldened. And if we acted out of this post-dream stupor I’m sure we would have countless more applications submitted, roses delivered, plane tickets bought, and innovations developed.

What seems crazy at noon often looks perfectly lucid at 4am.

So here’s what you need ask yourself before the day closes:

• What do your dreams say about you?
• How do you remember the important ones?
• When was the last time you acted on them?

I’d love to hear about your experiences I’m the comments section! I may even share one of mine these days 😉



About willisan

Born the year the Bears won the super bowl for the 1st and last time (as of yet) in Chicago, moved around a bit, lived in Central/Southern/Backwoods Japan for a while, now in Atlanta. My Interests: ・Photography ・Reading ・Sports ・Fitness ・Languages(Japanese) and many, many more!
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