Relationships & Spirituality


I find myself unable to sleep at 3 in the morning, an as this seems to be the topic floating around in my head I figure I will share it with the rest of you.

*Sidenote – not being able to sleep feels strangely like being held captive against my will.

What does spirituality mean in the context of relationships these days? I’m sure as many of you answer there will be unique responses. Some place a similar spiritual attitude at the forefront of their ‘wish list’ in a partner; for others it is an afterthought, maybe just a bonus for their counterpart to have a reverence for these things.

What does it mean to you in this context, and has it actually affected who you chose or desired to be with? Would you involve yourself someone that didn’t necessarily see eye to eye with you spiritually?

Given your background or upbringing, you (and me actually) can tend to associate (brace yourself for an air quote barrage) “being spiritual” with “going to church” or “being religious”.

There, you made it through.

If you take a step back and look at things from a wider perspective, I think you’ll find that even you don’t really believe that in this context.

Firstly, and I am not entirely sure that is a real word, you and I both can think of people who are very spiritual who have hardly set foot inside a church and rarely utter traditional prayers. I’m also confident that you’ve met others in your respective circles who attend the same services as you, but that you have felt little connection with. So what does it really mean?

I’m in danger of becoming long-winded so I’ll land with this; I think spiritual compatibility within the context of a relationship is paramount. Given my experience and thought process, this does include to a large measure some sort of theological agreement, but it goes deeper than just that. The very word ‘spirit’ denotes something soulful, the essence of ones being; it’s the stuff they are made of. It is more than personality, because one can be quiet and the other loud but both may be very passionate people indeed. Some Christians may call it being equally yoked, but whatever the wording, it may do you well to consider it more in the future.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, and thanks for being an insomniac with me today.


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Born the year the Bears won the super bowl for the 1st and last time (as of yet) in Chicago, moved around a bit, lived in Central/Southern/Backwoods Japan for a while, now in Atlanta. My Interests: ・Photography ・Reading ・Sports ・Fitness ・Languages(Japanese) and many, many more!
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One Response to Relationships & Spirituality

  1. You have identified the deep longing of all souls; to find that unique connection that true relationship was created to be, a oneness, a trust in each other that mutually fulfills that results in living at a higher level.

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