So Cereal


Like, “surreal”.  Ok play on words that failed me.

“Show me a man that eats a good breakfast and I’ll show you a man that is ready to on the world.” No one ever said that.  I mean I just did, but no one important has ever said it.

So, breakfast.  And what is breakfast without cereal?  Since childhood they’ve been discreetly telling me that my breakfast just isn’t totally complete without it.  And you know what.  They’re right.  Sometimes.

So this post is dedicated to Cereal.  Maybe it’s because I’m not a planner.  Which means I forget to buy groceries or to wake up on time.  Which means I need my morning dose of 9 to 12 vitamins and minerals in 180 seconds as I’m running down the door and sometimes a nutri grain bar won’t do it.  Or maybe it’s because my dad worked for Quakers Oats the majority of my childhood and I’ve gone places most cereal lovers haven’t dreamed of.  Deep Sea Crunch anyone?


Either way we’re doing this.  Here are my top three cereals of all time, rated by the below criteria:

  • Initial quality – First and second bite flavor and general amazing-ness (with milk)
  • Longevity – How long does the cereal maintain it’s crunch?
  • Standalone quality – Receives high marks for ability to have as snack without use of liquid
  • Flavor Last – Some cereals can break down not only in texture but in taste as the journey goes on.

Here we go:

  1. Quaker Oats Oh’s.  Always the underdog, not enough people have truly tasted the Oh so delightful goodness that these sweet yet crunchy circles of delightful goodness offer.  Don’t sleep on this one guys.
  2. Kellog’s Corn Pops. – What it lacks in crunch longevity, those sweet golden puffs of corn more than make up for in taste and flavor stamina.  I can’t count how many times I’ve planned for a quick bowl that turned into half of the box.  Also great as a snack.
  3. Lucky Charms. – Lightly sweetened semi-magical presumable wheat bits brightened by an ever increasing array of actual magical marshmallow pieces; what more do you need?  The adult in me approves because I’m getting my grain intake (kind’ve), and my inner child is satisfied because Marshmallow.  Quick energy spike with the sugar, long lasting with the wheat bits.  Genius.  And people wonder why I don’t need coffee.

And the winner goes to…



It was a hard choice but it’s just too strong a contender for me.  Nostalgia,  great taste, and rates very high in the indie cereal scene.  Plus I guarantee your milk will get warm before these bad boys get soggy.  Great for those of you with dogs or children that are bound to pipe up as soon as the moo moo is poured on.  A small caveat; chew with caution.  These are not for the weak-gummed.

Chew! (Ciao)

*Honorable mentions go to Frosted Mini Wheats, all iterations of Raisin Bran, and Cocoa Crispies*

About willisan

Born the year the Bears won the super bowl for the 1st and last time (as of yet) in Chicago, moved around a bit, lived in Central/Southern/Backwoods Japan for a while, now in Atlanta. My Interests: ・Photography ・Reading ・Sports ・Fitness ・Languages(Japanese) and many, many more!
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4 Responses to So Cereal

  1. LOL, can I say I’m honestly surprised that Cinnamon Toast crunch didn’t grab an honorable mention?! You and your “Oh’s”…😛

  2. JoAnna Takeda says:

    I have to agree with the above….you make a good case, but Cinnamon Toast Crunch doesn’t even get a mention!?

    • willisan says:

      CTC is a great one off, but I don’t know it has as much staying power as the others. I eat one box at a time, and come that last bowl, the sugar can get to be a bit much. :p

  3. Josh Saintil says:

    Deepsea crunch…..

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